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Vinaya Pitaka - Basket of Discipline

Vinaya Pitaka - Basket of Discipline


The contents of Vinaya Pitaka - Basket of Discipline


The Pârâjika Rules
The Samghâdisesa Rules
The Aniyata Rules
The Nissaggiya Pâcittiya Rules
The Pâcittiya Rules
The Pâtidesaniya Rules
The Sekhiya Rules
The Adhikarana-samatha Rules


First Khandaka (The Admission to the Order of Bhikkhus)
Second Khandhaka (The Uposatha Ceremony, and the Pâtimokkha)
Third Khandhaka (Residence during the Rainy Season)
Fourth Khandhaka (The Parâvanâ Ceremony)
Fifth Khandhaka (Rules for Foot-clothing, Seats, Vehicles, etc.
Sixth Khandhaka (On Medicaments)
Seventh Khandhaka (The Kathina Ceremonies)
Eighth Khandhaka (The Dress of the Bhikkhus)
Ninth Khandhaka (Validity and Invalidity of Formal Acts of the
Tenth Khandhaka (Schisms among the Samgha)


First Khandhaka (The Minor Disciplinary Proceedings)
Second Khandhaka (Probation and Penance)
Third Khandhaka (Probation and Penance)
Fourth Khandhaka (The Settlement of Disputes among the Fraternity)
Fifth Khandhaka (On the Daily Life of the Bhikkhus)
Sixth Khandhaka (On Dwellings and Furniture)
Seventh Khandhaka (Dissensions in the Order)
Eighth Khandhaka (Regulations as to the Duties of the Bhikkhus towards
one another)
Ninth Khandhaka (On Exclusion from the Pâtimokkha Ceremony)
Tenth Khandhaka (On the Duties of Bhikkhunîs)
Eleventh Khandhaka (On the Council of Râjagaha)
Twelfth Khandhaka (On the Council of Vesâlî)

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  1. The above versions that you mentioned are still used in the present Buddhist world. Is it correct?
    The three baskets of Tripitaka are important Buddhist scriptures in Buddhism including Pitaka, Sutra Pitaka.