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Maha Buddhavamsa - Sermons About Kappata Acts

Maha Buddhavamsa
The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas
by Tipitakadhara Mingun Sayadaw

Sermons About Kappata Acts
Some time later, the bhikkhus gathered in Dhammasala
to discuss the Dhamma and praised the Tathagata:

"My friends, the Buddha is very great and worthy of praise
with the flick of a finger. Even the venerable Nanda almost
lose interest in life as a
bhikkhus have been disciplined with the help of the beautiful nymph
from gods realm as a decoy. "
At that time, the Tathagata enters Dhammasala and said,
"Bhikkhus, what are you discussing as I
entered the hall? "" We are gathered here, to discuss
how wonderful is the way Tathagata to discipline
Bhikkhu Nanda . "
Then the Tathagata said, "bhikkhus, not only on
this life alone I advise this Bhikkhu Nanda with
help of the opposite sex as a decoy; I have also successfully
advised to use the same way in the past, "
and at the request of the bhikkhus, the Tathagata tells the story
Kappata Jataka as follows.
bhikkhus, at one time, there is a merchant named
Kappata City Bàrànasi under the reign of King Bramadatta.
He had a donkey that is able to pull a cart with
Kumbha-pound load and able to walk as far as seven Yojana
a day.
One day he went to the City Takkasila accompanying entourage
trader who brought merchandise. He took off his donkey
in the pasture so that the donkey can graze while he sells
When the donkey walked to and fro above the meadow in
trench near the palace, he saw a donkey and approached him.
He was conversing with a female donkey and finally
they both fell in love.
(Donkey) Females: Where are you from?
(Donkey) Males: I'm from Bàrànasi.
Females: There are matters what you came?

Males: I came to trade.
Females: How much weight goods that you transport?
Males: I have to transport goods weighing a Kumbha.
Females: How much should you take Yojana with the load
heavy as that?
Males: I have to take a day seven Yojana.
Females: Can anyone take care of you with love everywhere
you go?
Males: No, I do not have.
Females: If so, unfortunately no one to serve you.
You must have suffered terribly.
(The female donkey spoke with seduction, seduction to
get the heart). Hearing of this seduction, seduction of the donkey
females, the male donkey lost interest in his work and
become lethargic.
After selling her goods, the merchant Kappata
donkey came and said, 'Come here, my son, let us
depart. "Beast replied, 'Get thee alone, I
do not want to come. 'The merchant tried many times to persuade
the donkey in order to comply but failed, he finally decided
to use the threat:
(1) Patodam te karissàmi
  sa ¤ te chindissàmi Kayam
  evam jànàhi gadrabha
You naughty donkey, I'll hit you with a stick
sixteen inches long and tipped big spikes. I'll
tear up your body until destroyed. Remember that!
When the donkey heard the threat, he replied with
brave, "Then you also have to remember how I
must reply. "
(2) Patodam me karissasi

  purato patitthahitvàna
  uddharitvàna pacchato
  te dantam pàtayissàmi
  evam jànàhi Kappata.
O Kappata trader, if you hit me with sticks
culminate during the sixteen-inch spikes, I'll stand up straight
with both my legs and lifted his feet behind me and
quiet as strong as all of your teeth kicked and knocked to the ground.
You also have to remember that.
When the merchant heard the words Kappata firm and
threat of the donkey, he looked around, and he saw a
female donkey nearby. Then he thought, "Donkey females
This must be taught to say this: I will be with
wise charmed her by saying, 'Son, I will
brought female donkey like that for you. "
(3) Catuppadim sankhamukhim
  nàrim sabbangasobhinim
  te bhariyam ànayissàmi
  evam jànàhi gadrabha
My son, I would look for a young female donkey, beautiful, and
perfect-bodied with a beautiful face shell for
be your wife as soon as we return to Bàrànasi. My son,
I promise.
Donkey was very pleased with words of persuasion from his master
and answered:
(4) Catuppadim sankhamukhim
  nàrim sabbangasobhinim
  bhariyam me ànayissasi
  evam jànàhi Kappata
  Kappata bhiyyo gamissàmi
  yojanàni catuddasa

Kappata my protector and my lord ... If it is true that a donkey
young females are beautiful and perfect stature with a face
as beautiful as the shells will be given to me as soon as we
arrived in Bàranasi, I, your son is good, ready to work two
times harder, traveled fourteen yojana day.
I promise.
The merchant Kappata then brought his donkey to go
Bàrànasi. A few days after they arrived in Bàrànasi, the donkey
Kappata come and collect his promise, "my protector and
my lord, Kappata, do you promise me a
beautiful young female donkey to be my wife? "Then
Kappata the merchant replied, "Yes, I have to say
so: I will not be broken a promise. I will find you
a beautiful young female donkey, but I can only
provide food for you only (not for your wife). It's up to
you to think about whether the food that I gave
to you will suffice for both of you or not. And
something else, as time passes, you will have
child, and once again, it's up to you to consider
if the food can be sufficient to give
that your family is growing. (It is not
my business). Think of my son. "
Even as the merchant Kappata was giving advice,
attachment on the donkey jennet to be reduced.
Kappata Jataka tells the story in his sermon, Tathagata
said, "bhikkhus, Princess Sakya Janapada Kalyani is the
jennet, Nanda Bhikkhu is the jackass, and I
is the merchant Kappata. Thus in the past I
Nanda Bhikkhu also disciplined by exploiting the opponent
type, "and ended his sermon.
(Note: Due to the vassa second, third and fourth
which is run by the Tathagata in Rajagaha, the ancient archives
'Wasocan' (for a list of vassa run by the Tathagata),

just mention the three stories described below):
(1) The story of a friend of Venerable Sariputta, which is
a Brahmin (as found in Comment
Dhammapada, vol. 1)
(2) Acts Cunda, traders pork (as found
Comments in the Dhammapada, vol. 1)
(3) Story of Thera Kassapa (as found in Comment
Dhammapada, vol. 1)
Wasocan Archive ending story vassa of second, third and fourth
with the words, "Thus the Tathagata fulfill his promises
to King Bimbisara, underwent vassa of second, third and fourth
in Rajagaha, and preached the sermon and led countless
multitude of men and gods to Nibbana.
Sayagyi Saya Lin, the first commissioned work
this, 'Maha Buddhavamsa', writes on the 'content', the following
story, in connection with the vassa of second, third and fourth
run by the Tathagata in Rajagaha:
(1) The story of a rich man named Jotika.
(2) The story of a rich man named Jotila.
(3) The story of a rich man named Mendaka.
(4) The story of a rich man named Kàkavaliya.
(5) The story of a rich man named Punna.
(6) Story of Sumana, the florist.
(7) Acts of Aggidatta and a thousand ascetics.
(8) Acts of Jambuka.
We will discuss the story of five of the rich above in section
'Samgha Jewel.' The story of Sumana, Aggidatta, and Jambuka will
discussed in subsequent chapters.


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