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Maha Buddhavamsa - Eliminate the wrong view of One Thousand ascetics

Maha Buddhavamsa
The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas
by Tipitakadhara Mingun Sayadaw

Eliminate the wrong view of One Thousand ascetics led
By Aggidatta, Former Palace Brahmin of King of Kosala

This sermon is composed of five stanza poem begins with the words
bahum ve Saranam yanti and so on, expounded by the Tathagata,
while dwelling in Jetavana monastery, dedicated to a
hermit named Aggidatta, (a former palace brahmin of the King of
Kosala) who later settled near the dunes.

(Note: Recluse Aggidatta  living near the sand dunes located
among the three kingdoms Anga, Magadha, and Kuru, which borders
with Rajagaha).
Brahmana Aggidata  is a royal advisor of Raja Maha
Kosala, father of King Pasenadi Kosala. After his father fell
throne, the King of Kosala Pasenadi  maintain Aggidatta at
the same position as adviser to his kingdom, to appreciate
as an adviser to his father. When Aggidatta comes to the palace to
carry out his duties, he was treated with respect by the king
which gives the same seats as before.
One day, come to mind of Aggidatta, "King Pasenadi Kosala
treat me with respect, but not easy
made the king so always take advice from the same people
every time. It is natural that the king's favor in touch
with a peer counselor with him; I'm too
old, it's time I go through life as a
hermit. "
Therefore, he begged the blessing of the king and after
announce its decision by beating the drums in
in Savatthi City, within seven days he had left all
her to become a hermit outside the teachings of Buddha,
Ten thousand followers of men follow in his footsteps and become
his students and they settle somewhere in between
Kingdom of Anga, Magadha, and Kuru. Aggidatta as a leader
instructing them to obey, "My students ...
anyone who has thoughts like sensory desires (kama
vitakka), hatred (vyàpàda vitakka), thought to harm
others (vihimsa vitakka), must take a handful of sand from
the river and put it in here. "His students are committed to
comply with the rules of discipline set by their leader,
and every time it appears bad thoughts as kama vitakka,
and so on in their minds, they punish themselves

them by taking a handful of sand from the river and
put in place have been determined. Over time,
dune sand into dunes that are very
Dunes was taken over by the raja naga named Ahichatta.
Residents of Anga, Magadha, and Kuru usually come to give
offerings to the ascetics every month. Hermit Aggidatta
then give advice to them, "O my disciples,
go seek refuge to the mountains, forests,
parks, and trees. If you take refuge in the mountains,
forests, parks, and trees, you will be free of any
suffering. "He also gave the same advice to the
ascetic ten thousand students.
Aggidatta became famous through his teachings are wrong, the
At the same time when the Bodhisatta Prince Siddhattha after
let go of worldliness and attain Buddhahood and is
living in Jetavana monastery in Savatthi. Wake up early morning and
His mind then check out all over the world to
see if there are beings who are ready to
Exemption received, through his mind's eye, see the Tathagata
The recluse Aggidatta together with ten thousand disciples
students. Tathagata also knows that they have all been
have the sufficient condition (upanissaya) to achieve the holiness
Arahatta. He then gave instructions to Venerable
Moggallana, saying, "My child Moggallana, why
you ignore Aggidatta recluse who taught many
people walking on the wrong path that does not bring them
Nibbana to the beach, go, right now, my son Moggallana,
to these ascetics and admonish them. "
Ven Moggallana replied, "the greatest, Noble Buddha,
their number is so large, they may not be ready
receiving an instruction from me, if Venerable were also
advise them, they would obey the instructions from-
You. "Then the Tathagata said," We will also come, but
you go in advance to advise them. "

As walked the instructions of the Tathagata, Venerable Moggallana
thinking, "Hermits are very numerous and powerful number,
trying to give instructions on when they gather will
may lead them against me. "In consideration
Thus, with his miracle (Abhinnà) he drop rain
very heavy, so the ascetic rose from their place
and ran into their own homes respectively.
Ven Moggallana then stood at the door of the place
Aggidatta live and call the hermit with his name, "O
Aggidatta. "Hear the voice of Venerable Moggallana, Aggidatta
 wonder, who called him by name,
because no one else in this world who call
so. Annoyed, he replied gruffly, "Who
 called me by my name? "Venerable Moggallana
replied, "It's me, Brahmin Aggidatta," Aggidata asked, "What
you want to say? "When Venerable Moggallana
answered politely, "I hope you can show
me where I could stay, "replied Aggidatta
roughly, "There is no space for you; all rooms
been filled. "
Venerable Moggallana then said, "Aggidatta, is
reasonable man came to the place of human beings, cows to the
beef and sage came to the hermit. Please do not say
so to me; please share a place to stay the night
this. "The sage then asked," Are you a
hermit? "" Yes, I am a recluse, "said Venerable Moggallana. Aggidatta
then asked, "If you are a hermit, where's
your ascetic equipment; What are your equipment? '"O
Brahmin, "replied Venerable Moggallana seriously," I
have hermit equipment; but it is not practical carry
 lots of supplies while traveling, I take it
in me. "Aggidatta very disturbed to see the Ven
Moggallana travel without hermit supplies.

Knowing Aggidatta mind, Venerable Moggallana said,
"O Aggidatta, do not be angry with me; please just show
place for me. "Aggidatta gave curt answers," There
 is no place for you here. "Pointing sand dunes with his finger,
Venerable Moggallana asked patiently, "Who lives
in the dunes? "Raja Naga" replied Aggidatta. "Then
give me the hill, "Venerable Moggallana force. The
sage warning, "I do not dare give it to
thee; the Raja Naga was very cruel and horrible. "Venerable
Moggallana replied, "May, do not worry, please provide
place to me. '"Then, you decide for yourself
only if it was feasible occupied or not, "replied Aggidatta
Then Venerable Moggallana walking toward the sand dunes
and when Raja Naga Ahichatta saw him, he thought, "This Bhikkhu
 is not aware of my existence, I will beat him
by blowing smoke. "With this in mind, the Raja Naga
promptly blew a thick cloud of smoke. Venerable Moggallana
consider, "Raja Naga is too proud, do not feel
there are others who are capable of removing the smoke. "Then he also
smoke blew wave after wave, which together with
the smoke is blown by the king of dragons, smoke towering up to
reached the Brahma. Unusually thick smoke that they
blow to the Raja Naga suffered while the
Moggallana noble remains untouched.
Suffer from the smoke, the Raja Naga became very angry
so he blew the flames burning. With
develop jhana of the fire object (rupavacara kriya jhana
Fourth with fire as its object) Venerable Moggallana also
breathes fire even more awesome. Blaze that
they breathed flared up to the Brahma realm; but
not the least harm to Venerable Moggallana while the Raja
Naga suffer great pain. His whole body was on fire
by the blaze. Looking at the fire scene, the sage teacher
Aggidatta and his disciples argued, "the Raja Naga
have burned the monk: he has been destroyed now, because

he do not listen to our advice. He deserved it. "
After overcoming the Raja Naga to conquer his pride,
Venerable Moggallana sat on the sand dunes, while the
Raja Naga curled around the dunes with his head
veil Venerable Moggallana like a room at the top
 of a pagoda that crowned by beautiful roof.
To find out what happened to the monks, the
sages came to where the battle and see the
Venerable Moggallana was sitting on top of the dunes. They
can not hold back and immediately prostrated by hand
anjali, complimented by various means, and said
to him, "O Bhikkhu, are you not hurt by the Raja Naga?
"Venerable Moggallana replied," Do not you see the dragon
stood with his head that expands like a white
umbrella on my head? "The hermit said in amazement" O
friends, this is a remarkable miracle worthy of praise
with the flick of a finger! It's amazing! "Then
they gathered in groups around the
Ven Moggallana.
At that time the Tathagata arrived there, Venerable Moggallana rise
from his seat and bowing to the Buddha. The hermit asked,
"Is it more powerful than the venerable art thou? '" This Noble
Bhikkhu has six majesty; He is my teacher, I am
 only His student." replied Venerable Moggallana.
Tathagata sits on top of sand dunes; ascetics gathered and
with geminate their hands praising Buddha, "Venerable
 who conquered the raja naga is only a student, who knows
how the miracle of his teacher. "Tathagata then call
Aggidatta and ask "what instruction do you teach
to the ascetics and householders to them to obey ? "
Aggidatta replied "The Great Buddha, I give instructions,
"O my disciples, go seek refuge to the
mountains, forests, parks, and trees. If you

refuge in the mountains, forests, parks, and trees, you will
free from all suffering. "Hearing this wrong answer,
the Tathagata says:
"Aggidatta, someone who sought refuge on the mountain-
mountains, forests, parks, or the trees can not be
avoid suffering; in fact, only those who
refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma, and Samgha who can
avoid all the suffering caused by a circle
of life! "Tathagata continued his discourse on the
right road to avoid suffering in a five stanza poem:
(1) Bahum ve Saranam yanti
  pabbatàni vanàni ca
  manussa bhayatajjità
Aggidatta, people who seek refuge because of fear
mountains such as Mount Isigili, Vepulla Mount, Mount
Vebbara, etc., or to the forests as Mahavana,
Gosinga sandalwood forests, etc., or to the park as
Veluvana, Jivaka mango orchard, etc., and the tree-
trees such as tree Udena worship, tree worship of Gotama,
and others, all of these erroneously regarded as a
protection and a means to ward off the danger.
(2) Netam Kho Saranam khemam
  netam saranamuttamam
  netam saranamàgamma
  sabbadukkhà pamuccati
Aggidatta, these mountains, forests, gardens or trees
is not a safe haven and free from hazards;
These places are not the best shelter and
highest. By seek refuge in mountains, forests,
parks, and one tree will not be freed from the cycle
of suffering without end.

(3) Yoca Buddhanca Dhammanca
  Samghanca saranamgato
  cattari Ariyasaccàni
  sammappannàya passati
(4) Dukkham dukkhasamuppàdam
  dukkhassa ca atikkamam
  Ariyam catthangikam maggam
Aggidatta, every person, whether he monk or householder
taking refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma, and Samgha as
safe haven (with full sincerity, purely conviction
 in the Three Jewels; with full consciousness, Lokuttara
saranagamana cittuppada), every person, monks and layperson,
with the wisdom of clear view, Magga
Nana is able to penetrate, the Four Noble Truths, namely, the noble
Truth About Dukkha, Noble Truth About Dukkha Resources,
Truths About The disappearance of Dukkha, and the noble Truth
On the Road to disappearance of the Dukkha, which is the Noble
Eightfold Path, namely Right View, Right Thought, and
so on.
(5) Etam Kho Saranam khemam
  Etam sarana muttamam
  Etam saranamàgamma
  sabbadukkhà pamuccati
Aggidatta, only protection taken by the people of
noble character, full of confidence in the Triple Gem,
This is a safe haven and free from danger.
Only protection taken by those noble character,
with confidence in the Triple Gem, a place
protection of the best and highest. Only protection
taken by those noble character, with confidence
in the Three Jewels, which could free him from the circle
of suffering without end.

At the end of the sermon, all ascetic attain holiness Arahatta
having four Analytical Wisdom, Patisambhida Nana.
They bow to the Buddha and begged to be given
formal ordination. Then the Tathagata stretch
His hands that golden from under his robe and called,
"Etha Bhikkhavo, caratha brahmacariyam. Come, Bhikkhu,
try to live a noble exercise of moral training. "
Immediately, all the recluses, the leader and his followers
soon turned into a full monk Thera as senior
which has been a monk for sixty years, they
standing in robes complete the following eight monks equipment,
bowing to the Buddha with great respect.
That day, when all hermit-monk into IHE is a day in
where the inhabitants of Anga, Magadha, and Kuru assembled
in the hermit bearing gifts for teachers
them. When they saw the ascetic who wears
monk robes, they wondered: "How is it, whether
our teachers Aggidatta more noble than the Supreme Venerable Gotama
Supreme Venerable Gotama or more noble than our teachers? "
And they wrongly assume that because the monks
Great teachers who came to them, their teachers,
Aggidatta definitely more noble and more superior than the venerable
Tathagata knows what is in their minds, and
said to Aggidatta, "My child Aggidatta, you may
remove doubts from the minds of the followers. "
Aggidata replied, "Venerable Buddha, I did mean
Thus, "and after saying this, he floated up into the
space and then down again seven times. And after that
he stood up and bowed to the Buddha and said aloud
"Satta me bhante Bhagava, savakohamasmi ... The Great Buddha,
You are the noblest is my teacher: I just a student of
You. "So it removes any doubt of his followers.


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