Life is On Autopilot

life is on autopilot
Life is On Autopilot

Life is On Autopilot. Many people not realize about this.
Actually only Buddhist people that know about it.

Autopilot is a mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic system used to guide a vehicle without assistance from a human being.
Usually used on airplane.
So life is on autopilot means human life is working without assistance from that human.
For example if you walk, do you aware of every detail movement of your leg?
Left or right, up or down, you don't aware any of this.
In autopilot, you must program it first in detail so that it works properly.
But if you're walking, you're not programming at all.
You just want to walk there & a moment later you're there without realizing.
In fact you're not realizing if you have leg.
You're realizing it when your leg is sick / broken.

This is just walking.
How about another activities like chewing food, take a bath, driving, etc.
It is the same. You're not aware when doing all that activities.
When driving, your mind is at work or something else.
When chewing food, you're not aware at that.
Especially if you're eating & reading newspaper or watching tv.

So human life is more automatic than autopilot.
When walking you're not programming: Left foot first, up, angle, etc.
So who's moving your leg like this & that automatically.
Of course it is not you because you're not aware of that.
And your mind is busy thinking about another matter.

Another example is meditation.
Try meditate without thinking anything.
Your mind is jumping around thinking about this & that.
Is it you that think about this & that?
No. You're commanding not thinking about anything, and your mind not obey your command.
So who's mind is that?

Life is On Autopilot. You have to make it Off.
The method is Sati Sampajanna (Mindfulness and Awareness)
So you must mindful and aware of every activities.
Walking, sitting, sleeping, chewing food, take a bath, etc.
Of course it is not a simple process.
Try mindful and aware of rough movement first.
For example walking: Try mindful and aware left, right, left, right movement of the leg first.
After you're accustomed to that, try mindful and aware up, forward, down movement of the leg.
 And so on... until more detail movement.

If you can mindful & aware of every activities, you're one step closer to enlightenment.

Life is "Off" Autopilot


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