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Maha Buddhavamsa - Duddubha Jataka

Maha Buddhavamsa
The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas
by Tipitakadhara Mingun Sayadaw

Duddubha Jataka

Then the Tathagata continued his counsel to that crowd.
"Your Majesty, my lord, do not believe on what was said
by others without considering it first. All
quadruped in the Himalayan forest which covers three
Yojana, will plunge into the vast ocean for no good reason to believe
the words of a rabbit who ran screaming 'Earth
have been destroyed, the earth has been destroyed. 'You should not be
that's easy to believe in what is said by others
without considering it first. "With these introduction
words, the Buddha preached the sermon on Duddubha
Jataka of Catukka Nipata.

Sermons About Latukika Jataka

Tathagata then went on with explaining to
them that sometimes the weak can destroy the
strong and at other times the strong can destroy the weak.
Tathagata gives the parable in which a
sparrows caused the death of an adult elephant, the Tathagata
gave the following sermon on Latukika Jataka of Pancaka
My lord ... at a time, the Bodhisatta was born as an elephant
in the reign of King Brahmadatta in Bàrànasi; when
today he has a beautiful appearance with great
body. He lived in the Himalayan Forest led a group of elephants
which amounted to eighty thousand.
At that time a female sparrow are incubating
eggs in the usual way which is through by the elephants. Bodhisatta
Elephant accompanied by eighty thousand elephants walking along
way when the sparrows children were still unable to fly.
Bodhisatta finally arrived at the place where the sparrows
When that sparrows saw the elephant king she worried about

safety of their children. She thought, "If I did not approach
the elephant king, he would have stepped on my children and killed
them, I will immediately approached him and asked that
protect my children. "So with wings clasped
like to salute, she stood right in front of the king of elephants and
Vandàmi tam kunjara satthihàyanam
àrannakam yuthapatim yasassim
pakkhehi tam panjalikam karomi
ma me vadhi puttake dubbalàya
O noble elephant king ... you are that powers only will
reduced at age sixty, the king of a group of elephants that
wandering in the woods, I salute thee
 with wings clasped. I ask that my children
kept alive by not stepping on them.
Bodhisatta calm him with the words, "O sparrow,
do not be discouraged, I will protect your children so that
there is no danger of approaching them, "and then he stood up
with his body to protect children such sparrows.
All the elephants passed and all the children's sparrows
survived. Bodhisatta then called the female sparrows and
offer advice before you go, "female sparrow , a
big elephant of evil, without followers, will pass through this place
after us. He did not comply with our words. When he arrived,
you should approach it is also for the safety of children
son, begged to be let your children live. "
When the sparrows that come to see the elephant evil, she
approached him with the wings clasped, saluted and
according to the elephant king begged counsel.
Vandàmi tam kunjara ekacàrim
àrannakam pabbatasànugocaram
pakkhehi tam panjalikam karomi
ma me vadi puttake dubbalàya

O King of the Elephant, a single wandering in the woods, looking for food
in the valleys of the rocky hills and sandy, I salute
to you with both wings clasped. I ask that
my children are allowed to live by not step them.
Hearing petition by the female sparrow, the evil elephant
Vadissàmi te latukike puttakàni
kim me tuvam kàhasi dubbalàsi
Satam sahassànipi tàdisinam
vàmena pàdena papothayeyyam
"Hey, you are a female sparrow ... (Why did you put
your children on my street? Enough of this insult). I
will step on them and destroy them until
die. How can you retaliate, you are so weak
whereas I'm very strong and can destroy one lakh
birds like you with just my left foot. "
Having said that, the evil elephants destroy children
sparrow was to be dust, then douse
with the flow of urine and then go while
shouted cries of cranes.
Perched on a branch of a tree, the female sparrows
threatening, "Hey, stupid cruel elephant! You win this
time and go, cheered by the sound of cranes.
You just wait! In two or three days you will see
revenge. You do not realize that intelligence is more
stronger than physical force. I will tell you
the fact that within a few days.
Na heva sabbattha balena kiccam
Balam hi Balassa vadhàya Hoti
karissàmi te nagaraja anattham
yo me vadhi puttake dubbalàya

"O King of Elephants ... not everything can be achieved only by
use of physical force, use of physical force by
not wise means suicidal. You are without compassion
have been treading my poor children to death and I will
destroy you in a few days. "
After shouting words of war, the sparrows in the two
or three days build a friendship with a
crow by serve him. Because happy with the attitude of the
sparrow, the crow asked, "Is there anything I can do
to you? "The sparrow said," I want to ask for help
so you destroy the evil eyes of the elephant that always
wander alone: ​​it is a relief that I want. "
The raven promised, "I'll do it." Then
the sparrows come to a female fly blue
black and foster friendships in the same way.
When the flies were asked what he wanted, he pleaded,
"When my friend the crow has destroyed the evil eye of the elephant,
I ask that you lay eggs in the cavity of the eye of the elephant
that the eye has been damaged. "After the flies had promised to
work together, saying, "Okay, I'll do it,"
the sparrows approached a frog and fostering friendship
as before. The frog asks what he can help
and the sparrow said, "When the elephant has to be evil
blind to the help of two friends, the crow and flies, and
the elephant was looking for water to quench thirst, I
want you to speak from the top of the hill, when the elephant ride to the top
hill after hearing your voice, you have to go down to the bottom
gulf and sound from there. This is what I want help
from you, a friend of frogs. "Frog, promised to help
that the female sparrow.
The next day, the crow pecked out the eyes of the elephant
with a beak like a sparrow's request; the blackish blue
flies eggs in a broken eye socket. Suffer
pain because of his eye damaged and had wormy and feel

very thirsty, evil elephant groped for water.
The frog then begins to croak at the top of the hill, hear
the sound of frogs, elephants were thinking, "Where's the frog croak,
there must be water, "with great hope the elephant up the hill. The frog
right down to the cliff and from there to croak. The elephant now
leads to the abyss from which he heard a voice from the toad,
then the elephant rolled over and fell dead into the
The sparrows are glad to know his enemy's death, the evil
elephant and said, excitedly, "Oh, I have look the back of
my enemies; "after saying that, he jumped up and down over the
elephant's back several times and went to the place he loved.
Tathagata the royal family to advise the two groups with
said: "O noble lord, you should not be hostile
with anyone; as noted, even an elephant
strengths can be destroyed by the combined efforts of the creature-
weak creature such as a crow flies, frogs, and birds
sparrow, "and then he goes on to say the verse
Ahisam Buddha as follows:
"Kàkanca passa latukikam
mandhukam nilamakkhikam
ete nàgam aghatesum
passa verassa verinam.
Tasma hi veram na kayiràtha
appiyenapi kenaci.
O members of the Sakya clan! Look at these little creatures,
crows, sparrows, frogs and flies; four of these creatures,
because they are united, can beat a big strong
elephant. You can see the result of the hatred of a
which fosters hostility. Therefore you should not be
hostile to anyone, even with people who do not
you like. "

An end to his preaching, the Tathagata reveals that "the evil
elephant, now is Devadatta and the leaders of elephant
that glorious is myself. "

Sermon About Rukkha Dhamma Jataka

Having preached the three sermons of Jataka namely, Phandana,
Duddubha, and Latukika, Tathagata continued with
unfurl two more Jataka that are useful to bring
"O my lord Majesty ... you all have blood ties;
and would be great if blood relatives united
and work together in harmony. There is no enemy that can be
harm you if you are united. Unity is needed
even the trees can not move,
especially for those living beings such as humans. I'd
provide a metaphor that relates it:
At one time, a sala tree forest in the Himalayas assaulted
by a strong storm. But not a tree in the
suffered damage, as they stood on the trunk
and tightly bound to one another by vines and shrubs
thickets. The storm was not able to touch the trees,
only blowing at the top of the tree and then burst. In contrast,
with a solitary tree trunks and branches
large will be blown and fallen down to the roots, by the wind
are tight. Therefore, in essence, you have to come together through
cooperation and coordination. "
Furthermore the members of the royal family request to
Tathagata to expound the Jataka stories with more
"Your Majesty ... that time was the reign of King
Brahmadatta in Bàrànasi when god Vessavana died and
Sakka appoint another god to replace him. At the
transition, a new god Vessavana issuing the command

let all the gods to settle in places that
they want, in amongst the trees, plants and shrubs
Bodhisatta at that time was the god responsible
on a sala forest in the Himalayan region, he gives advice
to his relatives, "Brother, do not choose a tree
grown on bare ground as where you live; you should
settled in the trees around the tree I had chosen as
where I live in the woods. "
The wise gods are occupy the trees around
tree Bodhisatta as he counseled. While the gods
the less wise agreed, "It's no use just settle
trees in forests far from human settlements.
Only those who lived in nearby villages and towns
will have better prospects, would benefit
and fame. "Deciding thus, they occupy
there are trees along the road in bare soil.
After a while, the wind storm followed by heavy rain
visited the area and all the branches and twigs of the tree-
trees include trees that are large, broken and
uprooted from the root. When the storm strikes sala forest
controlled by the Bodhisatta, they blew out loudly in
the whole forest, but none of the fallen tree as
tightly bound to each other.
Those who lost their homes go, with each
holding hands, went to their friends who live
on sala forest in the Himalayas and tell their sad story.
Their friends in the sala woods next tell the sad
story to the ruling gods, the Bodhisatta.
Furthermore, the Bodhisatta explained to them, "It is fair
that those who decide to live in places
like that and ignore the wise counsel, must face
such difficulties "and preached the following sermon

Sadhu sambahulà Nati
api rukkhà arannajà
vàto vahati ekattham
brahantampi vanappatim
"O my brother gods ... if a large number of friends and
brothers live together and depend on each
other, even trees that grow throughout the forest, living
with convenient free from enemy attack. But the tree
solitary growth on bare ground in spite of having the large
trunk and many branches and twigs are big and strong does not
will defend against the strong winds that drew up
to its roots with all the branches and leaves. "
After giving a sermon, the Bodhisatta passed away
because of his life age was over.
Tathagata end of his sermon by giving advice,
"O my Lord Majesty ... all the folks, first of all
should strive to achieve unity; after achieving it, should
living in harmony and happiness, love one another delegate
each other. "Tathagata then revealed that," All
are present here today are the gods in the sala forest, and
I was a wise ruler of the gods who give advice
to them. "

Sermon About Vattaka Jataka (or Sammodamàna Jataka)

Tathagata give a further advice ... "O Majesty
My lord, it is not appropriate if the mutual fight among relatives
of your own. There is an instance in the past where
group of animals can defeat their enemies and living
together in harmony in unity, and perished in
their internal disputes. "At the request of family members
kingdom, the Tathagata expounded Vattaka Jataka.

My lord, in the past, the Bodhisatta was born as a
quail and live in a forest with thousands of
relatives in the reign of King Brahmadatta in
A bird hunters usually go to where the quail
birds, and lure them to imitate their voices.
As soon as the quail birds came and gathered in that
place, he will let down the nets on top of them. Then he walked
netting around it to drive the birds quail
it to the center of the web. Quail birds were then
arrested and put in the basket was taken
for sale; the hunter to survive by capturing
and selling quail birds.
One day the Bodhisatta said to quail birds in
group that he led.
"My quail friends, the bird hunter has many time
troubled ours. Now I have a plan for
avoid the danger of birds caught by the hunter, and this
we should all do. Once we get caught under the
net that was thrown by the hunter, we have to spend
our heads in the holes then the net together
lift nets and fly; you have to perch on
clump of bushes in a safe place where the nets were
be entangled by the bushes, we will be able to escape
of the net and flew out. "
All quail were to receive his counsel and said,
"Okay." The next day, all quail raised
nets together when they were caught by the nets of the hunter,
and flying. They throw a net over the bush
thicket and flying in all directions.
The hunters finally could free the nets at dusk
 and come home empty-handed. The next day,
quail birds also do the same thing; the

hunters spend a lot of time to set free from the
net and came home empty-handed. He came home late.
The hunter's wife angry with her husband and said, "You
came home late and empty handed every day; seems
you have other people who have maintained such as myself. "
"O my wife ... I do not have anyone else to be maintained
besides you. Actually, quail birds are still there
flying to and fro, but they are united as
before. As soon as I cast in their direction,
they lifted the net and flew him, and then
dropping it on a thorn bush. But my wife, they
not going to stick together forever, so do not be suspicious
to me. There will come a time when the birds were each quail
fighting with one another. Then I will catch them
and bring it to you to make you smile, "the
hunters say, then say the following verse:
jàlamàdàya pakkhino
Yada te vivadissanti
Tada ehinti me vasam
"My wife, with a harmonious unity and cooperation,
 quail bring flew the nets I threw to
them, knocking over a thorn bush and then they
escape. There comes a time when they fight each other
among them, then they will fulfill my wishes. "

Quail Birds Destroyed Because of Disputes

A few days later, a quail by accident
 stepped on the head of other quail when looking for
food in the pasture. The victim is asked, in angry tones,
"Who stepped on my head?" Replied the other birds
softly, "Forgive me, friend, I do it because
inadvertently; please do not be mad at me. "But the
quail that anger can not be appeased. Both start

attacked each other with harsh words since that day.
When he learned that the two quail were in conflict,
debate who should raise the nets of the hunter,
Bodhisatta predicted consequences will occur:
"Where there is discord, there can be no peace and
happiness. Start today, quail birds will fail
lifting and fly carrying nets. Lives of many
quail at stake, the hunter would have to take
opportunity in this situation. I'd better not stay in this
place again. "
So he left the place with all the
quail that are in his group. Only groups of
quail, led by a quail that would be
Devadatta who remained in the woods.
The bird hunters go to that place several days later and
imitating the sounds of quail, and then cast the net-
nets on the head of a group led by quail
Devadatta. (Not that conspires to break free),
quail birds were even find fault with birds
other quail. Fight each other and challenge each other to
prove the strength and lifting ability of the net. The
hunters to quickly capture and bring them home
home as a gift for his wife.
Tathagata, ending his sermon saying, "My Lord, the dispute
among the relatives can not be justified, it will
creating conditions that lead to the destruction, "and finally
said, "Devadatta was the leader of the
quail that stupid and I was the leader of the
other quail at the time. "


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