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Maha Buddhavamsa - Atthadanda Sutta Sermons

Maha Buddhavamsa
The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas
by Tipitakadhara Mingun Sayadaw

 Atthadanda Sutta Sermons

Tathagata after expounded five Jataka, proceed with
preaches Atthadanda Sutta of the Sutta-Nipata, as a last
Members of the royal family, finally at peace and calm,
and with full confidence and full of gratitude, agreed,
"If the Tathagata does not come and get involved, we must have
destroy each other and lead to bloodshed. We have
rescued from destroying one another only by the Tathagata.
On top of that, if the Tathagata does not choose to let go
worldliness, he is now enjoying life as an
earthly king, who ruled the four continents that surrounded by
thousands of small islands. Accompanied by thousands of children
who have high intelligence and physical strength. He will
visit countries power, accompanied by many
followers. But we are descendants of the king's relatives, the Tathagata,
instead leave all the comforts and luxuries as
a king of the world to become a hermit and eventually
a Buddha who reached enlightenment. Already
should that now that he has become a Buddha, we
bhikkhus dedicate a bloody nobility
to serve Him. "With the deal, members of the royal
of both sides, bringing two hundred and fifty
princes of the kingdom to each ordained by
Tathagata accept them and ordain them as
ehi-bhikkhu and took them to Mahavana forest nearby
Kapilavatthu city. Since that day, Tathagata alternately
collect alms from Kapilavatthu and Koliya
accompanied by five hundred bhikkhus. The population of the two kingdoms
funding large amounts of food.

Five Hundred bhikkhus Not Happy at the Sasana

Five hundred bhikkhus live the life of asceticism are not
their own volition, but because they can not afford to
refuse the request of parents and their relatives.
Therefore, in a few days, five hundred bhikkhus were

feel their lives are very boring and not
interesting. News of their families are increasingly making their
be more unhappy. "We hope that you may not
happy in the life of a bhikkhu, since your departure;
Our business gets worse day by day, "wrote their wife.

Tathagata Expounded Kunala Jataka; Five Hundred Bhikkhus
 Achieve Sotapanna Purity

Tathagata is always looking at the bhikkhus, direct way
personally, three times during the day and three times at night,
six times a day and night like a chicken to keep the eggs,
like a Camari animal keep his tail, like a mother
keep her only son, like the one-eyed guard
the only eyes that he still had. Tathagata understands
and consider their unhappiness, "bhikkhus
These were not satisfied and bored even by accompanied by
someone like myself, Buddha, preaching is a suitable
for them? "He felt that Kunàla Jataka (which tells
about the weaknesses found in the woman) is well
for them. Therefore the Tathagata decided, "First-
First I will bring this to the Himalayan bhikkhus; then
after telling Kunàla Jataka, I will tell
imperfections and defects in the woman. By this
way, I will cut off unhappiness and dissatisfaction
that appears in their mind and give you the knowledge
of Roads, Sotapatti Nana to them. "
Tathagata entered the Kapilavatthu city in the morning to
collecting alms as usual, and in the afternoon
He asked the five hundred bhikkhus, "Have you ever
see the beauty of the forests in the Himalayan region? "and they
replied, "We've never seen it, The Exalted." Tathagata
asked, "Do you want to visit briefly to the Himalaya
Forest? "" Blessed Bhagava, we do not have the supernatural
power; how can we go? "Tathagata asked,
"But if someone who has supernatural powers offered to

get you there, will you go with him? "The
bhikkhu replied, "Yes, The Exalted, we would."
Tathagata, with his supernatural powers, bringing them through
space to the Himalayas, and on the way, while still
located in space, they saw a mountain of gold, silver, emeralds,
reddish of the mountain, the mountain of glass, etc., five major rivers
and seven great lakes. Himalaya are very large, five
yojanas in height and three hundred thousand yojanas in extent. Buddha only
shows the fraction of the majesty of the Himalayas. He
also showed a four-legged animals such as lions,
Tigers, elephants and stunning gardens that full of
with various types of flora and fauna, is also full of variety
species of birds, and flowers above ground and under water.
They also saw a steep ravine to the east of the Himalayas,
the entire surface is golden and the gap in the next
western red-colored surface.
Since then they see the stunning views
of the majesty of the Himalayas, five hundred bhikkhus began to cut
attachment to them for their former wives. Then the Tathagata,
with five hundred bhikkhus were, down to the west of the Himalayas
where there is a large flat stone and colored
reddish of the extent of sixty yojanas, on top of it grows
large sala tree (which will survive until
end of the world) to the height and width of seven yojanas. Under
tree shade on a reddish stone floor, three yojanas
width, Buddha sits surrounded by five hundred bhikkhus. With
six color rays emanating from his body, the Buddha sat
there looks like the morning sun that light reflected
by the ocean surface. Tathagata then said to the
bhikkhus, "bhikkhus, you should ask anything about
everything in this vast Himalayan region that has not
you've seen before. "
At that time, an eagle king, perched on top
of stick carried by a pair of young female
eagle by biting both ends of the stick horizontally

using their beaks, is seen descending from
high. They were accompanied by groups consisting of
eight young female hawks, each group
take their places on the head, below,
on the right and left, front and rear. See that strange
sights, five hundred bhikkhus asked the Tathagata,
"Tathagata The Exalted, What bird is it? What is his name? "
"bhikkhus ... the birds are descended from generation
to generation of eagle from the bird species that
Myself had been born in the past. Eagles
young females at that time also treat me the way
the same at first, they sum to three thousand five hundred in
My time. The number was progressively reduced to
Now the number is only just sufficient to maintain
its kind. "
Then the bhikkhus asked the Tathagata to
tells how three thousand five hundred female birds were
served in the forest, then the Tathagata expounded Kunàla
Jataka of Asiti Nipata consisting of three hundred stanzas.

The Bhikkhus Become Sotapanna

At the end of sermon, all five hundred bhikkhus, the offspring of
Sakya tribe, reached Sotapatti-Phala. Upon entering, Sotapatti
Magga, all the bhikkhus become having supernatural powers, such as
flying through the air, and others.
(Note: The householder should practice concentration meditation
kasina to achieve Lokiya Jhana with supernatural abilities
Some Ariya Puggala, after penetrate Street and its fruit,
after practicing concentration meditation can achieve Lokiya jhana
with Abhinnà; other Ariya, after reaching Lokiya jhana
with Abhinnà even when he was a householder,
 does not need to practice concentration meditation more, for they have been able to

enjoy the power of Lokiya jhana and Abhinnà easily
whenever they want.
There is another type of other Ariya who have not had jhana and
Abhinnà lokiya when he was a householder, but
when they penetrate the Road and Fruit of Lokuttara, they
become having jhana and Abhinnà lokiya which they can
use with ease. That Jhana achievement is called
'Magga Siddhi jhana' which means jhana that achieved through
Magga penetration, and Abhinnà achievement so-called
'Magga Siddhi Abhinnà' which means Abhinnà achieved through
Magga penetration.
(Five hundred bhikkhus, because the virtues of his past,
achieve Magga Siddhi jhana and Magga Siddhi Abhinnà, without
have to practice concentration meditation in particular. They can
use this power whenever they want).
Tathagata consider Sotapatti Street and Fruit is
enough for five hundred bhikkhus for a while and
left there and returned to Mahavana Forest through
space. The bhikkhus who rely on the Tathagata
previous trip, being able to use their strengths
themselves on the way home followed by the Tathagata.

Five Hundred Bhikkhus Achieving Arahatta Purity. Event of
Great Meetings (Mahàsamaya)

Sitting on a throne which had been prepared in the Mahavana
Forest, Tathagata collect the bhikkhus and said:
"bhikkhus ... come and sit down, I will teach
you meditation practice that will take you to the next level
higher than the road, Magga, through the disappearance of impurity. "Tathagata
then gives instructions on how to meditate for
achieving three higher Magga to them.
The bhikkhu thought:

"Tathagata, because understands that we are not happy in
undergoing life as a bhikkhu, took us to Lake
Kunàla and then after eliminating dissatisfaction and
our unhappiness, directing us in achieving the first
level Sotapatti-Phala. And now, in the Mahavana Forest
, the Tathagata has taught how to meditate to achieve
three higher Magga, we should not be careless with
thought, 'We are Sotapanna Ariya', but should try
hard as our predecessors in achieving perfection
through perseverance. "
They all prostrate to the Tathagata and left
that place; in solitary places under the tree, each
of them spread out their cushion and sat down.
Tathagata feel, "bhikkhus, the Sotapanna, has
learn techniques to achieve the road and fruit that has been
they achieve, they will have no trouble in reaching the level
Roads and higher fruit. Each of them is
 practice Vipassana meditation will go back tonight to
told me that they have the glory Arahanta
accomplish. All the gods and Brahma of ten thousand of the universe as well
will gather in the universe at the same time. And this
 will become a great meeting event, Mahàsamaya. Should
I'm waiting for the meeting from the solitary place. "
After considering this, Tathagata go to the
quiet place and sit in that place into the Phala

Five Hundred bhikkhus Achieving Arahatta Purity

Of the five hundred bhikkhus, the first person to leave
place after receiving instruction on meditation, reaching
Arahatta sanctity complete with four Patisambhidà Nana
before the others. The second bhikkhu who left place
after receiving instructions achieve the holiness Arahatta with

Patisambhidà Nana same as the first. Then followed
by three bhikkhus in the same way. Thus all
five hundred bhikkhus have knowledge of the Four Noble
Truths developing in Arahatta-Phala one by one
like a lotus bud that blooms into a beautiful flower
in maturity.
The first bhikkhus who achieved sanctity Arahatta rose from
pedestal seat and took his seat and went to see
Tathagata to inform achievement. The second bhikkhu
and third and so on following the first bhikkhu to the
hall. Then they all marched to the place long
where the Tathagata was waiting. It ranks as if set
based on seniority.
The first bhikkhus arrived there sitting on a small pedestal in place
proper and ready to tell of the glory
Arahatta-Phala he has accomplished. But first, he turned
to see if anyone else that comes to mind
the same, and he saw the bhikkhus the second, third, and all five
hundred bhikkhus marched in behind him.
When all the five hundred bhikkhus have been sitting in place
properly, they looked at each other, and they all
felt that, "They all feel ashamed to say
the Tathagata about his achievements. "
Two Quality of Arahanta
(1) The Noble Arahanta is always concerned with the welfare of all
beings and with the sincere hope that "the human race,
gods, and Brahma can penetrate Wisdom Bright
Views as they achieve.
(2) They are not willing to disclose the achievement of
their Arahatship so that known by a lot of people like
one who finds gold.


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