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Maha Buddhavamsa - Establishment of Vesali

Maha Buddhavamsa
The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas
by Tipitakadhara Mingun Sayadaw

Establishment of Vesali

At one point, King's Consort of King Bàrànasi pregnant.
The queen told this to the king. And the king
pointed to a number of waiters to serve the queen during the
pregnancy. The queen lives in comfort, with carefully
maintain the fetus in her womb, and as time goes by,
 her pregnancy entering the birth period.
According to custom, high-status women who enjoy
good fruit of the past usually give birth to her son on
early days.
The queen, as a woman who comes from that group
of elite, gave birth early in the morning, gave birth to a piece of
red flesh like a rose. Queen thinks, "The king must
surprised, 'Other Queens gave birth to children like a golden statue;
but my consort bear a piece of meat 'I take
disgrace to the king. "Intends to avoid the disgrace and fall
dignity, he put a lump of meat into a cup
covered the other cup and throw it into the Ganga river.

Magic happens, when the cup containing the lump of meat
separated from the human hand; he was taken by the god with carefully
 lay a gold plate bearing the red words:
'This is the son of the king's consort Bàrànasi.'

Guarded by the gods guards, the cup floats above
water flow, is not affected by the ripples and waves of water.
At that time, a recluse living in the Ganga River
whose food depends of a village of cattle herders. When
He walked to the river early one morning, he saw a cup
float with the flow of water and take it as an object
which has been discarded by others. He saw a symbol of royal stamp
on the cup lid and see the gold writing as well as piles of
meat when he opened the cup. When he saw the blob
meat, he reckon that clump must  be
fetus because it does not stink. He took it back to
hut and store it in a corner of the net.
After fifteen days away, the lump of meat was divided into
two parts. The recluse is more prudent care for the mass
after seeing the strange development. In the
 next two weeks, each blob growing
bays at five places in which appears the head, two hands,
and two legs. The sage treat them with more caution
than ever before. In the next fifteen days, the
 first clot turns into golden-bodied boy and
the other turned into a golden-bodied girl.
The affection of the recluses to baby boy and girl
It was great affection as a parent to the child to
his children. Two thumbs of hermit turned into nipples that
pour out milk. Since then, the sage received porridge
cooked with milk from a cow herder village (thanks to both
the baby). The hermit ate the hard part of the porridge
and feeding the liquid to the baby.
Whatever they eat and they can pass through the body
looks like a passing vessel made of glass. By
therefore they were named 'Licchavi' because their skin is
smooth, soft, and thin.
The obligation to take care the baby make the recluse can only go
collecting alms at midmorning, and he

have to rush back to his hermitage. When the population
know the anxiety, they said to the hermit, "The
Noble, maintaining a baby is a big obstacle in living
hermitage rules that you are running. Should
you hand over the babies to our care for; we will
replace the duty to preserve them, while
you can go through Dhamma practice without a hitch. "The
sage agrees with the request, and said, "Yes, all right."
The next day, the residents of repairing roads, leveling
and cleaning, flowers spread over the surface of the road, and
put up banners and flattery-banners along the road,
they gathered at the monastery while playing various types of
musical instrument, to receive a second baby from the hermit.
The sage advise, "The people lay; babies
It has great power and glory (as set
merits of their past). Treat them with the full
attention and full responsibility until they mature, and
hold a wedding ceremony when it was time. Then
Perg god Bàrànasi the King, and after giving
offerings such as milk, curd, ghee, cheese, and butter (five
kind resulting from the cow, gorasa), submit a request for
given land to build a city. "With the advice
this, the hermit gave the baby is in care
the population. Having promised to carry out his advice,
The resident came home with two babies and maintain
them to adulthood according to the instructions of the sage.
When they were in childhood, they play
along with the children of the shepherds. But if it happens
disputes in the game, they beat the opponent to play
them. When parents see their children cry, they
asked why they were crying. The children replied, "Two
orphan raised by the hermit were beat us. "
Even the boys' adoptive parents along with other
inhabitants, rebuked them, saying, "Both of these children
interfere with our children: they are too troublesome. We
must not spoil them; we have to estrange the couple

brother & sister. "Since then, an area of ​​thirty yojanas
where the shepherds were known as 'Vajji Country.'
As time passes, the herdsman meet the king, such as
instructions the ascetic, bearing gifts consisting
of the five 'gorasa' and apply for a given
land to build a city. When the boy is
the age of sixteen, he was made king in
region. This was followed by a wedding ceremony for both
young children. The population in the area agree
in making rules that, not a single woman
originating from other regions may be their queen, and not
There was a woman who came from their region should
married to men who come from other regions.
Over time the king and queen gave birth to offspring
them, the queen gave birth to a pair of twins male  and
female at first birth. Queen gave birth to twins
like the first birth as much as sixteen times. When
these children mature, they too, delivering twins, whom
each one as much as sixteen times.
The city population is growing rapidly, so fast that
land is no longer available in the city to accommodate all
prince and princess and their palaces, parks, and the
large numbers of their followers. Therefore, the city
it should be extended as much as one gàvuta on all four sides,
which requires the construction of a second wall to limit
throughout the city.
After a while, the growth of the city that way
require further expansion to meet the needs of
empire member that continuously growing . As before, the city
was further extended by one gàvuta on four side followed by
development of walls around the city. The years passed, the city
 should be further extended by one gàvuta on each side
the same way for the third time. So the city was
grow and develop rapidly; with time flowing

the city became large and spacious, and well-known as the Vesali City, in
southern parts of the universe, Jambudipa.
This section explains the origin of the names of such Licchavi
kings, Vajji Kingdom, and the Vesali City. (As described
in Khuddakapatha Comments and Sarattha Dipani Tika).
Buddha Provides Protection and Peace by
Teaching Ratana Sutta
Vesali city is a fertile and prosperous city, as well as
Rajagaha and Savatthi at the time of Buddha Gotama. At that time,
the city was inhabited by seven thousand seven hundred and seven kings of the ruling,
each with a crown prince, General, minister of
finance, and various officials, each of seven
thousand seven hundred and seven. For their accommodation, there are seven
thousand palace that decorated by a roof terrace, well equipped with
courtrooms, meeting halls, gardens and parks and lakes
the same amount of leisure. The city is densely populated and
food is abundant.
However, as the years passed, the government officials
who ruled the city had failed their duties
(Aparihàniya Dhamma).
Finally they have a variety of disasters such as long
drought, crop failures, food shortages, hunger, and
so on.
(First Disaster)
This disaster resulted in a large number of deaths from
among the poor;  corpses thrown strewn across the
out of town soon rot in various stages of decay,
cause a foul odor. These conditions provide an opportunity
to evil creatures (giants) to enter the city and
disrupt the city's residents.

(Second Disaster)
The combination of starvation and the disastrous effect
giant evil creatures cause more
death and suffering. This situation is exacerbated by the emergence of
outbreaks of infectious disease known as cholera,
ahivàta roga, which shook the morale of the population and
resulted in more casualties than ever before.
(Third Disaster)
The residents are shocked by the attack of three barrage
disasters, i.e. the famine, disturbance of ghost creatures,
and outbreaks of disease, came to the king and said:
"Your Honor, the City Vesali face three disasters, no
disasters such as this during the previous seven kings.
The general opinion today is this disaster is the result of
negligence of officials in charge of in carrying out
their duties. "
The King then ordered all residents to gather
in the courtroom and said, "The resident, you may
check to see if there is a failure in the duty-
my duties as ruler of my people. "In the examination
carried out systematically on all the daily tasks of the king,
residents found that there is nothing lacking in
execution of the king's duties towards his subjects. Then they
all discussions to find a way to cope with disaster
that hit them.
Student from the six wrong view teachers suggest that the
Vesali city will be relieved from the three disaster soon after their
six teachers set foot in the city. But some
residents (who believes to the Triple Gem) said,
"My friends, it is said that Buddha has appeared in the world;
He is said to have expounded the Dhamma for the welfare
and prosperity of all beings; He was very influential and

great. Our city can be free from any disaster when he
arrived in our city. "
All residents were delighted to hear the proposal. However, some
people want to know where the Buddha was and stated
their doubts, "he probably was not going to bother
come to our town even though we invited him. "However,
some people have expressed their optimistic outlook:
"The Buddha is always helpful and have compassion for
living things, so why he did not want to come
if we invite him? After all, remember, the Tathagata now
was dwelling at Rajagaha; King Bimbisara (a Sotapanna
and contributor to the vihara) always serve him and provide
His four requirements. He will walk at front at the Buddha's
trip into our city. "
The residents agreed to decide that 'they must
 approached King Bimbisara and told him about the situation
they face, and with their consent would
Vesali begged Buddha to visit. "Thus they
 sent two Licchavi Princes to Rajagaha with a duty to
met King Bimbisara at Rajagaha, bringing a wide range of
gifts and accompanied by guards.
Both the prince went to Rajagaha and deliver
wide range of gifts to King Bimbisara; then
they tell of their situation and their reasons
sent to Rajagaha and apply. "May Your
Honor proposed regulations, we represent, to the Buddha
for a visit to Vesali. "The King did not immediately grant
a request for them, but give advice, "You
should be approached and asked him directly to the
Buddha. "
Both Licchavi Princes went to Buddha and said:
with great respect, "The Great Buddha, our city, Vesali,
was hit by three disasters; for thy mercy, may

You visit to Vesali, it will be a blessing for
we all, Vesali citizens. "
After considering their request, the Tathagata
know, 'Reading and preached the Ratana Sutta in
Vesali city will protect one hundred thousand crore of the universe
from disease, and at the end of the sermon, eighty-four thousand
beings will achieve liberation through the penetration of Four
Noble Truths. "Therefore, the Tathagata received an invitation
delivered with great respect by both Prince
King Bimbisara Preparing for Departure Ceremony
Hearing the news that the Tathagata received an invitation to
been to Vesali, King Bimbisara to announce to the entire
city, "Know, O citizens, the Tathagata has received
Vesali invitation to visit. "Then he went to
Buddha and asked, "Venerable Buddha, are you
accept the invitation of the population Vesali? "Tathagata replied," Yes,
I take it, my Lord. '"Then, please Tathagata
wait until all the necessary preparations for the ceremony
departure has been completed. "
King Bimbisara ordered that the road between Rajagaha and
The river Ganga is flattened, five yojanas away, and the pavilions
established in each yojana emergency along the way. When
Tathagata told that all preparations have been completed,
He started his journey accompanied by five hundred monks.
Streets along five yojanas littered by flowers
 colorful up to knee-high; colored banners
installed along the streets, jugs of water and trees
 are placed on either side of the road. Two white umbrellas shade
Tathagata from the weather; as well as any monk shaded
by a white umbrella. King and his followers and their
 army offered flowers and incense along the
road and at each stop, providing an opportunity for

Tathagata and his followers for the rest. After going through the
a relaxing trip for five days, the whole procession arrived at the edge
of Ganga River.
When the kingdom boat was decorated, King Bimbisara sent
news to the Licchavi authorities, saying, "Tathagata
was on his way to Vesali; please set in order to
roads in good shape for the welcoming ceremony of Buddha
and the monks by Licchavi rulers. "
When a Licchavi family member receive that exciting news,
they agreed to perform the ceremony of welcoming that two
times more magnificent than the homage done by the King
Bimbisara. They paved the way between Vesali and the River
Ganga, as far as three yojanas. They provide four white umbrella
for each of the Tathagata and two white umbrella for the
Buddhist monks who accompany. The whole town came out in
a large procession to the banks of the River Ganga to welcome
coming of the Tathagata.
Meanwhile, King Bimbisara ordered two
boats placed side by side and tied tightly to form
a large boat. In the big boat was built a
pavilion is decorated with a large bouquet of flowers and incense,
hanging flower resembles a fan; in the pavilion
placed a throne for the Tathagata is decorated with seven
types of precious gems. Arriving on the banks of the River Ganga, the Tathagata
and the monks up to the royal boat; Tathagata sits
on the throne and the monks who had been sitting in place
After delivering the Tathagata and the monks up the boat,
King Bimbisara down to the Ganga River and into the water until
the water reached his neck, holding the boat, and told
Tathagata, "Buddha the Exalted, I will await the return of
Buddha from the side of River Ganga, "and then he carefully
kingdom hearts off the boat, getting out of the water.

The heavenly gods along with brahma from Akanittha Brahma Realm
pay homage to Buddha. Similarly, the creatures
of the lower nature, such as the Raja Naga Kambala and the Raja
Naga Assatara also pay homage to Buddha.
Thus, in the midst festal ceremony,
human and gods vying with each other to paid homage,
Tathagata taken across the Ganga river, the width
one Yojana from edge to edge; until finally entering the
area of Vesali power.
Buddha was greeted on the other side of the Ganga River by the Licchavis
which has been prepared to await the arrival of Buddha. They give
two times more than the respect shown by the
King Bimbisara, they fell into the river until the water
achieve their necks to welcome the Buddha with a full
of honor.
 Pokkharavassa Rain Drop When Buddha Step His Foot
on Riverside
When the kingdom boat that brought Tathagata bump the edge
across the Ganga River, wave after wave of rain clouds
gathered from all corners of the dark, accompanied by lightning
grabbing and the deafening thunder mark
the coming storm. Stamping on the right foot on the banks of the Tathagata
characterized by a soaking rain Pokkharavassa
those who want to get wet, while those who do not want to wet
it does not rain. The flow of rain water with different levels of
depth, from the knee up to waist, chest
and neck, flowing all over the city of Vesali, clean
all are rotting corpses, and swept away the
flows into the River Ganga. The whole city becomes clean again,
free from all sorts of rubbish.
The Licchavi accompany the Tathagata from the side of River Ganga
to Vesali, three yojanas, in the midst of the hustle and bustle
crowd of people, stop and rest a night

in each pavilion set up at each distance of one yojana. In
the trip, offering twice the amount given in the
shown by King Bimbisara, until finally arriving at Vesali
three days later.
When the Tathagata arrived at Vesali, Sakka accompanied by the gods down
from deities realm to pay homage to Buddha. Aggregation
the gods of magical in Vesali cause many giant (which
interfere with the population) fled from the city.

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