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Maha Buddhavamsa - Uggasena Story, An Acrobat, Son of a Rich

Maha Buddhavamsa
The Great Chronicle of The Buddhas
by Tipitakadhara Mingun Sayadaw

Uggasena Story, An Acrobat, Son of a Rich

At the time of Buddha, a theatrical stunt group consisting
of five hundred players usually hold performances for
entertain the king of Rajagaha for seven days every year or two
times each year, and on this show they will receive
many gifts of gold and silver. Gifts they received
from the audience at each time interval between performing
also uncountable. The people sitting in rows on top
of seat they bring their own, put them on to the back
and reams, the rear is higher than that in
Their performances are usually preceded by the appearance of a
girl on stage, the daughter of the leader of the acrobats. She
will demonstrate her various acrobatic skills on a piece of
rope tied at the end of the bamboo and the height above the ground, she would

walk from one end to the other with gentleness and
steady, while dancing and singing in a melodious voice.

Uggasena, Son of a Rich

In the audience, there is a young man named Uggasena,
son of a rich man. He was enjoying the show together with
a friend and he looked with great interest the actress who
is showing her skills that very impressive
in various styles and positions, bending with
supple, stood, stretched his arms and legs that smooth.
He came home with a crazy and attached to that young actress.
Arriving home, he threw herself on the
bed, and said, "I can only live if I could
get it, otherwise I will die in this bed"
and with sentimental he went on hunger strike.
His parents asked him, "Son, are you sick?"
"O my father and mother ... I can only live if I could propose for
 the acrobats actress on the show I saw on the yard of
royal palace, if not I'll die in this bed"
 he straightforward. His parents were entertained by saying,
"My son, do not be so sentimental; we will search for girl
that suits you among our tribal status of the rich. "
But Uggasena not moved by his parents reason; he
repeated his request as before without change and
still lying on his bed.
Uggasena's father tried many times to persuade his son
to change his mind, speaks to him personally by
soft words, but to no avail; finally, his father
sent his friend to discuss the issue with
acrobatics leader, father of the girl, he said, "Friends, please
received the sum of one thousand and give to the father of the
actress with a request that he take and give
his daughter to marry my son, Uggasena. "
The leader of acrobatics provide the answer to the petition

delivered by the messenger, "I'm not ready to receive money
as a replacement for my daughter. If the rich man's son, not Uggasena
can live without getting my daughter. He must come together
with we. I will give my daughter only if he would follow
everywhere we go. "

The Rich Man's son, Uggasena Followed the Actress

When parents break the news to him, Uggasena
said, "O mother and father, then, I'll go along
them, "And so he went to where the leader of an acrobat,
ignored the request of parents and relatives.
The stunt leader kept his promise: he gave his daughter
and they are all going to travel from one city to stage
Other cities, from one village to another and performing
From marriage of Uggasena and the actress, born a son.
The mother usually persuade and entertain her child with
sing a song:
"The son of a guard rail ... I hope you go to bed.
The son of a naughty boy, guard the prize money ... I hope
you want to sleep.
The son of a fool ... I hope you go to bed. "She
sing it in a way making fun of and ridiculed.
This song is a reflection of a life lived
by Uggasena. At the time the group was resting players
in their wanderings, he was responsible for maintaining supplies
food for the cows and feed the cows, and also
maintain the security of their tents. He was also responsible
maintain their income from each show.
Uggasena realize that by singing the song, the actress
trying to ridicule and make fun of him. He asked the
actress, "Do you sing to insult me?" She replied,
"Yes, the song is addressed to you." Uggasena replied,

"Then I will leave you and go home to
my parents. "The actress was not moved by the threats and
replied, "I do not care at all whether you want to go
or come back, "and continued singing again and again
(Knowing that song would be annoying Uggasena).
(The actress was too proud of her beauty and skill in
dance that allows easy making money).

Uggasena Being Acrobat Players

Uggasena think how the actress can be so
arrogant and he finally realized, "arrogance rooted
of her skills as an acrobat. "He decided to
learn the skills in acrobatic play. He approached his father
in-law, the expert stunt, he begged his permission to study
acrobat until he became an expert. He visited the
venues in villages and towns and eventually back
to the city of Rajagaha. There he made the announcement at all
the city that "Seven days from now, Uggasena, the son of a wealthy, will
performing, demonstrating acrobatic skills
turned upside down. "
The residents race to prepare the benches
with long legs to get the best view to
saw the show and on the day of the show, they
gathered around the stage. Uggasena appear; he climbed
a mast as high as sixty-arm consisting of bamboos
that dial-connect. He stood balanced on top
pole in the show.

The Son of Rich Man, Uggasena Appears In Mind Reflection
of Buddha

On the day of the Uggasena's show, the Tathagata is examining
the world before dawn and saw with his Omniscience,
Uggasena image captured by His mind's eye, like
a fish trapped in nets, and reflect on what
that will happen. He saw through his mind's eye:

That in the morning, Uggasena will stand on the pole
as high as sixty-arms in a show and the
people will watch it. In the midst of the crowd
mass, I will expound the Dhamma in a four-stanza poem.
As a result of listening to the Dhamma that I expound, eighty
-four thousand beings will achieve freedom
through penetration of the Four Noble Truths, and Uggasena will
attain Arahatta holiness.
When it came time to collect alms,
Tathagata went into town accompanied by the monks as usual.
Shortly before the Buddha entered the city, Uggasena giving
sign to the audience by pointing his index finger
towards them as a sign that he would soon begin; it
was greeted with loud applause by the audience.
Uggasena who was standing on a pole to jump into the air and
turned upside down seven times before it landed and established re-
to the top of the pole.
Tathagata who had entered the city with his magic powers
make the audience watching him, so that divert
their attention that previously focused on Uggasena.
Watching the mood of the audience from the top of the pole, Uggasena
see that their attention is initially drawn to him
suddenly change in the direction of the Tathagata. He was disappointed that the
the audience has lost interest in the show. He thought,
"I can hold the show only once a year;
but when Buddha came to town, the audience is no longer
interested on me, they just look at the Bhagava. All
my attempt to demonstrate expertise on acrobatics
in vain. "
Tathagata knows what comes to Uggasena's mind
and said to Venerable Moggallana "My child Moggallana,
say to the sons of the rich man that he is expected to
continue the show in acrobatics. "Venerable
Moggallana went as Tathagata instructed and stood under the

poles and provide support to Uggasena in the following
poetry :
Ingha passa Nataputta
Uggasena mahabbala
karohi rangam parisàya
hàsayassu Mahàjanam.
O strong acrobats, Uggasena, I ask you
 to continue performing your ability in the somersault
quietly. Look at the audience who had gathered. Let
they enjoyed your show and praised your skill with
Hearing these words of Venerable Moggallana, Uggasena
feel happy and excited and she wanted to think that the Tathagata
witnessed his skills. By still standing on the pole he
answered in the following verses:
Inga passa Mahàpannà
Moggallana mahiddhika
karomi rangam parisàya
hàsayàmi Mahàjanam
Venerable Moggallana that wise and have the highest
 magic power! Behold, I will entertain the audience
gathered to demonstrate expertise in calm. I
will demonstrate the amazing acrobatics to the
the audience clapped and cheered in praise me.
After saying these words, he threw himself above
and turned upside down  / somersault as much as fourteen times in the air before
land back to the top of a bamboo pole.

Advice from Buddha

At that time, the Tathagata counsel Uggasena with words,
"My child Uggasena, a wise man should

let go of attachment to the five aggregates
which have appeared previously, the five aggregates which
will appear in the future, and the emerging
at this time. By not attached to the five aggregates,
he must try to free themselves from suffering
beacause of birth, suffering from old age, suffering
of death. "Tathagata continue Dhamma sermon by
say the following verse:
Munca pure munca pacchato
majjhe Munca bhavassa pàragu
sabbatta vimuttamànaso
na punam jàtijaram upehisi
My son Uggasena, leave, release attachment to the
the five aggregates composed of mind and matter
in the past ..., in the future ... at the moment. So
you have let go of attachment of groups of
life in the past, in the future, and in
now, you have overcome the circle of suffering in the three realms
namely, the senses realm(kama bhava), the form realm(rupa bhava), and
 without form realm (Arupa bhava) and reach perfection
and became an expert in matters relating
with special wisdom (Abhinnà), a full understanding
(Parinnà), release (pahàna), mental development (bhavana) and
penetration (sacchikiriyà), you will live with freedom
completely from any form of the conditioned and the exceeded
the stages of birth, old age, sickness, and death.
At the end of the sermon, eighty-four thousand creatures
 achieved Liberation through the penetration of Four
Noble Truths. The rich man's son Uggasena achieve holiness
Arahatta who has the wisdom of analytical (Patisambhidà Nana)
while still standing on a bamboo pole. He immediately dropped from the pole
bamboo and closer to the Buddha, prostrated with
respect. Then he begged to be ordained. Tathagata
stretched out his hand and say 'ehi-bhikkhu' to
make him a full monk. His appearance as

an acrobat suddenly disappeared and Uggasena changed
to a monk who looks like a Thera who has
sixty years as a monk (looks like an eight year old)
equipped with an eight fixtures
of monks.

The Bhikkhus Asking Uggasena Does He Feel
Fear Or Not

Bhikkhu friends asked Uggasena, "Have you
feel scared when you come down from the top of bamboo pole
as high as sixty-arm? "Uggasena replied," My friends, I
do not feel any fear. "The bhikkhus meet the Tathagata
and reported, "The Supreme Tathagata, Uggasena claimed to have
attain Arahatta holiness by lying that 'he did not
feel scared at all when he fell from the top of the pole. '"
Tathagata give short brief to them, which
 support Uggasena, "Bhikkhus, all the monks as My child
 Uggasena after removal of àsava by cutting
ten fetters, samyojana must be free from fear. "
Tathagata continued by saying the following lines as
listed in the Brahmana vagga of Dhammapada.
Sabbasamyojanam chetvà Yo ve naparitassati
sangàtigam visamyuttam tamatam brumi bràhmanam
Monks, a monk who is attain holiness of
Arahatta through the removal of àsava have cut ten
chains by using the Arahatta-Magga sword, he did not
more can be shaken or shocked by the fear that comes
of greed, lobha. I commend and declare that
thus Arahanta who have overcome the seven types of attachment,
sanga, namely, sensual lust, hatred, pride, wrong views,
moral impurities in the form of wrong action, speech and thought, and that
no longer associated with the four yoga (kama, bhava, ditthi and
avijja) is a Brahmana, a pure and noble man,

which has put an end to all evil.
Many people made it to Sotapatti-Magga at the end
of sermon.

The Story of Uggasena's Past

One day the monks gather in Dhammasala and
discuss how Uggasena achieve Arahatta purity.
"My friends, it is surprising, first, how could
 a person like Venerable Uggasena that would indeed achieve
Arahatta purity, could be trapped into an acrobat,
follow the group wherever they roam, and second,
what causes the condition to support the achievement of
Arahatta holiness. " Tathagata enter Dhammasala and asks,
"Bhikkhus, what is your current topic of discussion?" When it was explained
regarding the topics they discuss, the Tathagata
briefly explain, "Monks, Uggasena alone
which led to these two events, the cause he is involved with
group of acrobats and the cause of his holiness Arahatta. "
Then the Tathagata told the story as follows:
"In the very ancient time when pagoda built as
to save the relics of the Buddha Kassapa, men and
women from Bàrànasi go in large groups
toward the pagoda was built to donate
personnel while carrying food in their carts.
On the way they met a Thera who
entered the city to collect alms.
At that time, a woman noticed the Thera and
tell him, "My husband, this Thera is currently collecting
alms; go grab the bowl so that we can
funding something to him; we bring lots of food
in our cart. "He went and took the bowl of
that monk, and after filling it with solid food and
soft to full, they return to the Thera
and both husband and wife say their wishes,

"Thera the glorious, thanks to this merit, hopefully we are both blessed
above world knowledge which you have accomplished. "
Recipient of the food was not an ordinary monk;
turns out he was a Arahanta who have removed the
stains, àsava, he predicted, through Anàgata Nana, knowledge
of the future, that their wishes will be fulfilled and
therefore he smiled happily. The woman catch a glimpse of
smile, and she whispered, 'My husband, the Thera who receive our
funds may be an actor. "The husband agreed, saying,
"Yes, he might be an actor." Then they left the
the place. This act committed by a husband and wife
in the past.
The couple lived until the end of their lifespan and
then reborn as a god. After enjoying life
as a god, his wife was born as the daughter of the leader stunt
in his present life. While the husband was born as
son of a wealthy in the last birth, named
Uggasena. Although born as the son of a wealthy, he must
following groups of acrobats in his wanderings,
as a result of his evil deeds say the words
wrong "Yes, he may be an actor" to his wife in
past lives. But as a result of the virtues of giving
alms to a Arahanta with confidence,
he made it to the Arahatta sanctity.

The Young Actress Also Achieve Arahatta Purity

When Uggasena attain Arahatta holiness and become "ehi-
bhikkhu, "his wife, the young actress thinking, awakened by the merit
of virtue of the past, "whatever smart of my husband, my intelligence
should be compared to it. "With that reason, she went to
the bhikkhuni and received ordination from them. Then
she tried hard to practice the Dhamma, and eventually she also
managed to achieve the Arahatta holiness, after eliminating àsava.


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